Friday, 29 August 2008

Alfie's OP

So yesterday at 8.20am Alfie arrived at the vets for the op, at 10.20am I had a phone call to say the deed was done and he was fine just sleeping off the GA, so didn't have to spend the whole day worrying LOL.

Eric collected him about 3pm and he was very unsteady on his 3 legs, screamed the house down when the others went out for their tea time walk and he obviously had to stay here with me. We thought he'd settle down come bed time but oh no he spent most of the night crying! more screaming this morning at missing out on another walk whilst trying to eat his brekkie at the same time LOL.

Anyway he's finally settled down having just had a little walk so lets hope we all get to sleep tonight. Sandy and Lucky left the bedroom in disgust last night but Jim was very stoic and stayed with us.

Just finished this layout, photo is of Alfie giving me cuddles after my op last month. Not very happy with it and ended up throwing just about everything but the kitchen sink at it to try and rescue it.

Knee is progressing but oh so slow, if I push to hard with the exercises the pain becomes so bad that I can't exercise the following day and then the knee is stiff because I haven't exercised so a very fine line to walk LOL.

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