Sunday, 7 September 2008

I went to crop

Yesterday I finally got to go out somewhere other than hospital related appointments woohooo!

I went to the Bramford crop run by Janina (Hot Potato) and Angela Coote (ang) provided us with a fantastic class kit (her first), I have to say it was one of the best I've ever had and did this layout. Photo is of Marc celebrating his 30th in July. Although I'm not sure Marc would say celebrating was the right word.

The papers are from Dream Street and there is enough left to make at least another two layouts. I had the best day and it was so good to be out doing something "normal" LOL

Also finished this LO off for the UKS weekly challenge

Use a Bee Gees song title for your title "I don't think it's funny"
Use ribbon
Use the colour red
Use Buttons
Use bling

and this is what I came up with, the photo is of Ben and Lucky.

Both layouts are better in real life but the light is so bad here this morning, yup still raining!

Alfie Bear is off to the vets tomorrow to have the stitches removed and start his vaccinations as we have no way of knowing whether he has had them or not.

Talking of Alfie Bear I have discovered the difference between greyhounds and lurchers. Greyhounds like to spend most of the day laying around snoozing. Lurchers don't especially lurcher puppies. Alfie has so far this week destroyed a pair of my glasses, chewed a hole in Eric's short, shredded a road atlas and a whole book plus continued his chewing of the wooden coaster. I think it's time to stop feeling sorry for him and start some basic training. He still looks woefully thin but is gaining muscle, if he ever kept still for 5 minutes he might gain some weight. This dog has way to much energy LOL...

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Kelly said...

Hi Sue,
I have put your blogger site as a bookmark per your request via mum, Yes Ma'am,your request is my command....LOL
SO your site is pretty impressive going to have to get Bob to do a better job on his blog....
So how is your knee doing feeling better>