Friday, 19 September 2008

Alfie Bear and the Eye specalist

Alfie Bear has been to see the eye specialist and the news is cautionary optimistic,
like us she thinks Alfie has been hit over the head which resulted in the two massive holes and probably a skull fracture. His skull is now deformed and there is definitely no sight in the eye as we thought but the good news is there is no inflammation, so we are to reduce the eye drops to one a day and go back in 6 weeks, if there is still no inflammation then we will further reduce to every other day and hope to wean him off them altogether in 3 months.

The eye specialist is keen to leave the eye in if possible as it offers him another sensory aspect in as much as he can feel movement on the eye and may have light and dark awareness.

I feel like the last pieces of the puzzle of what happened to little Alfie have fallen into place and it breaks my heart to think what such a young dog has had to survive and yet he is an absolute joy to have as part of our pack. On a lighter note he can run like the wind and manages to stay up with Sandy, Jim and Lucky when they're having an off lead run and he has certainly brought the cuddle factor to our pack!

Finished this layout off during the week, using some more papers from the class kit Ang put together for the Bramford crop. Photo's are of Ben finally getting to feed the ducks outside Asda after I eventually managed to remember the bread and the CAMERA LOL.

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LadyBug said...

great photo of you with your pack Sue!!! give AlfieBear (and the others ;)) a hug from me and cocker gang will you. hope he is eye is ok at the moment.