Monday, 29 September 2008

Paying the price!

For both me and Alfie Bear!

Alfie first, oh boy he really did it this time, yesterday afternoon he started being sick really really sick and looked awful, we just couldn't figure it out until Eric noticed a small paint brush he had been using to waterproof his boots was laying in the middle of the grass along with an empty bowl of boot treatment. Yup that's right Alfie had licked the small amount of lanolin in the bowl. We rang the emergency vets and luckily it was Dawn's daughter Tanya who is head vet nurse on the phone. Tanya said as the bottle didn't say toxic on it all they would do it give Alfie something to make me sick which as he had managed that bit by himself not to worry about rushing him down. But boy was he a sorry looking puppy for a couple of hours. Course by the evening he was completely back to normal but a huge wake up call to Eric and me to make sure we don't leave things laying around that he shouldn't have. Lurcher puppies should definitely come with a health warning and a handbook!

Me next!

Saturday I decided I would go for a walk crutch free, which was not to bad but then had Vikki and Ben round so lots more walking about followed by a trip to the range on Sunday left me in agony by last night. Think someone very slightly over did it and I had a foul night, couldn't sleep with the pain and feel like death warmed up today. Might take it a tad easier today LOL... but it was great to go out and I managed to spend £41 on not a lot LOL.


Carol said...

awww he's a naughty one that little Alfie Bear - its like having a baby about!! glad to hear that he's ok for you, you must be careful and take care of yourself - you didn't look like you had £40 worth of bits in your basket when I saw you! the Range fairies must have added some!! lolx
Hope to see you Saturday xx

Sharon said...

Aw Sue i am sorry to hear about both you and Alfie Bear.

LadyBug said...

poor you with your leg!!!! not so much walking in future..... me thinks. and paw Alfiebear.... but maybe he'll leave nasty tasting stuff alone now??? or maybe he won't :)