Monday, 21 December 2009

Happy Birthday Ben

Today our little Grandson Ben is four, I can't believe he's 4, where did the time go.

Ben's birthday party was yesterday and despite the snow most of us made it! We all had the same idea of swapping Christmas presents just in case we get more snow so that added to the total chaos. Ben had a great time and got some fab presents. I took hundreds of photo's most are rubbish as there was so many kids and people moving around but they do give a feeling of the fun and laughter that was going on.

and here's the birthday boy! how grown up he's looking.

So here we are on day six of the snow !!!!!! I hate driving in it but can't put it off any longer and have to go out this afternoon, the main roads are clear so fingers crossed.

I was trying to take some arty photo's of the snow Saturday but look who kept running around and getting into shot.

Alf loves it and would be outside all day if I let him.

Surprisingly Gangley quite likes the snow as well, she runs around chucking it up in the air and then eating it when it falls down LOL.

Jim is ok, his back leg isn't getting any stronger which we find strange, he still has a good appetite and isn't puffing or blowing but he does seem to get very tired but he seems happier enough and that is all we can ask for.

Lucky seems to be emerging as alpha dog! she has become much more confident this last week and is getting quite bossy with the others, we really miss Sandy's strong stabilising influence on the pack and as for Ranger well we just miss his silly happy little face.

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Carol said...

Hiya Sue
Ben looks so grown up for 4! sounds like he had a great birthday.

Strange how the dogs love the snow - Ty just loves it!!

Take care and your card is on its way - fingers crossed it makes it xx