Wednesday, 16 December 2009


We woke up this morning to a really heavy frost, then it started to snow and even worse laid !!! Alfie Bear loves it, the others myself included like to look at it from inside LOL.

I didn't realise as I took a quick photo (from indoors) that I had the conservatory in shot, shows it off quite well. Eric said all he needed was one more week and then he could have finished it for Christmas. I think he would have to have worked night and day myself but the electrics are done all the lighting is up and working, just one more piece of plasterboard to go up then it can be decorated. I have even finally decided on colours and fabrics etc, not that I shall buy anything yet just in case they go down in the sales LOL.

My little car had it's MOT yesterday and failed but only needed 1 new tyre and then passed. hooray !!!!

I made and sent this card first class to Dawn last Wednesday so it would be there for moving in day on Thursday. Has it arrived Nope !!!!!


Jane said...

We have snow too Sue, hope you get my christmas card ok!

Carol said...

oh boy is it snowing now????????????? will we make it Saturday?? I hope so....Conservatory is looking good.

Didn't realise that Dawn was moving in so soon! hope she's settled before Christmas - gorgeous card xx