Monday, 14 December 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today my Dad is 71 Happy Birthday Dad! I love you xxx

Sorry to have been AWOL, I needed some time out but I'm back now LOL.

Jim is happy and seems well although I have to admit we watch him and worry about him constantly. I think if I'm honest he is showing a few signs of not being quite right but I'm hoping it's all in my imagination. The rest of the pack are slowly beginning to settle down but boy do we miss Sandy woo. As alpha dog she kept everyone in line and with no clear new leader emerging they are still a bit all muddled up. Much like us really. I long to stroke her velvety fur again and hear her happy purrs and miss laughing at Ranger's antics, for such a big dog he used to walk around on twinkle toes and make us laugh so much.

I have been busy making Christmas cards, unfortunately I managed to post some that just had people Christian names on with no addresses LOl see I did say we're all muddled up! I've also made a few Christmas gifts.

I had another birthday last week and despite not feeling like celebrating had a lovely day! I received some beautiful cards and presents. Eric made me a 12 x 12 frame which is magnetic so i can display a layout on it and then change it for another easily. I love it !!!

A few bits I can show.

Dad's birthday card, m first attempt at a tri fold

A just because card for my friend Shellie

This layout was designed by Lesley for papermaze crop, the photo's were really old Polaroids and even after scanning and adjusting weren't great but I wanted to scrap Marc's first birthday in 1979 eek!

and this one is by Ang for Bramford crop, I love this photo of Ben which was taken at Mothercare last month. Ben is looking very grown up!

Probably a load of other bits I've forgotten about but I've got a date with a Christmas tree now.


Jane said...

good to have you back Sue and happy birthday to you Dad.

Carol said...

I was wondering where you were girlie - hope you're ok. My heart goes out to you and Eric and the pack....fingers crossed its your over active imagination with regards to Jim....
See you Saturday xx