Monday, 30 November 2009

One year today

Today is Gangley's first gotcha day!

This time last year Eric travelled up to Lisa's home in Stoke (Greyhound Gap founder) and returned with Miss Whiplash. Gangley is a feisty stubborn little madam, who loves you most when you have food or if she’s cold. She spends her days sunbathing when it’s hot and hidden under blankets when it’s cold.

Gangley and Alfie Bear spends hours playing together but only when she says so, poor Alfie if he tries to start a game he soon gets told off but a few minutes later she’ll say okay now we play….

and she also lets Alfie snuggle up BUt only when it suits here LOL

We love you sweetheart .....

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Jane said...

great photos Sue x