Sunday, 8 November 2009

A normal weekend

At long last life slowly begins to return to some kind of normal !!!

Friday evening we had friends over for a meal as a thank you for the gorgeous stable door Chris has made me (photo's soon), then Saturday I went to Bramford crop and had a lovely relaxing day and finally today have pottered around and managed to fit in a visit to see Ben. Think he may have missed me a bit as he said "Oh nanny it's lovely to see you again" LOL it really hadn't been THAT long.

Anyway just have to share these two gorgeous photo's of the little man that Vikki had done recently at Mothercare.

How cute is he

and the next. what a poser

and I even have crafting things to show but they can wait as I'm cooking a proper Sunday roast well a veggie version LOL.

Sandy and Jim continue to make amazing progress and are both happy chilled out dogs, even the fireworks last night didn't seem to upset any of them for a change.

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Jane said...

glad things are returning to normal Sue and love the gorgeous photos of DGS x