Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday the 13th eek!

On Wednesdaymy best cyber friend Shellie had to let her beautiful hound go to the bridge. Miss Flo O'Sausage as she was known by all on greyhound gap was a lovely old lady and will be so sadly missed by us all.

I and all on gap will miss reading about her adventures, she was a true Pirate Princess.

My hounds are all well and Jim is now on full walks and even chasing bunnies LOL. Sandy continues just having little rides in the car up to the meadow and then a little walk round but she is a very happy old girl. This afternoon, Alfie Bear, Lucky and Gangley are off to the vets for their yearly health checks and jabs.

Dawn and I finally got a full day scrapping yesterday, it's been weeks and weeks since we've managed this due to my poorly hounds. I had bought this DLO from papermaze sometime ago (designed by Wendy) and surprised myself and Dawn by doing it in one go LOL.

Left hand side

Right hand side

Photo's are of Vikki and Ben when we had a day out at Easton Farm Park in September. Good job I had so many kits saved up as there's no way I can find the time to actually put together my own stuff at the moment LOL.

Having a few problems with my hands, my right hand has always been my bad hand and had so many op's over the years. It has plastic knuckles and wrist but since I broke the plastic wrist in my left hand and had that removed, leaving me with no wrist joint and then trapped the nerve, my right hand has had to become my good hand eek!!! but it's really struggling and I now seem to have lost the use of my thumb it kind of looks out of joint and hurts a tad!!! think I need two new hands for Christmas LOL. Maybe I should check out ebay LOL.

Work on the porch and conservatory progresses albeit slowly, poor Eric is exhausted and is now at the point where he wishes he'd never started it but as they say the last mile is the longest....Don't think I'll have my Christmas tree in there this year after all. hey ho there's always next year.

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