Friday, 13 November 2009

Unbelievably bad news

I can hardly take this in but just as Sandy and Jim after their amputations for Osteosarcoma begin to recover we find ourselves yet again in what is now becoming a familiar place.

A few days ago Ranger started to limp, so we treated him with metacam and rest, no improvement and I have to say alarm bells started to ring. Lunchtime I let him and the others out for a wee and heard this awful terrible screaming, I rushed outside and he was collapsed on the grass. I could see straightaway he was hurt badly so somehow managed to get him in and call Eric. With 30 minutes he was at the vets and they have just rung, A BLOODY BONE TUMOUR and pathological fracture (front leg).

Ranger came to us last November on what was supposed to be a 3 day pit stop en route to Greyhound Gap kennels but you know us and fostering! after a nightmare few months with him he suddenly turned the corner and has become the sweetest, gentlest hound you could ask for, we all adore him.

Now we have to decide tonight to pts or amputate...

Please pray for us to find the strength to do what is right for our lovely boy, he's only 6 ........



hotpotato said...

So sorry to hear about Ranger Sue, still we know you and Eric will make the right choice for to you all.
Janina x

Carol said...

OMG NO! oh Sue how can life be so cruel to you xx Poor ol' Ranger he's just getting sorted and enjoying life and now this....I'm sending you a really big hug and lots of love - I don't know how you and Eric are managing... xx

I've just had a catch up on your crafty bits - some gorgeous layouts there and that lovely book for Vicki to give to her mil - gorgeous xx

helmil said...

Oh no Sue. I'm very sad to read the news about Ranger. Have all my fingers and toes crossed for him (and you)


Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about your loved dog,,,,I really do feel for you. and him...take care..and what will be, will be.