Thursday, 5 November 2009

Jim has staples out

Yesterday Jim went back to see Mr Vet and finally got the staples removed. Mr Vet was quite amazed at the difference in him since Friday! as soon as Eric started taking him out on little walks and car rides he immediately perked up, started to eat properly and is now sleeping all night phew!

So Jim is now also officially discharged woohoo !!!!!!!!

Paws crossed they can now both continue to get stronger and enjoy a few happy pain free months.

Eric and I are also starting to feel better, sleep deprivation on top of all the worry and stress of the last month has taken it's toll on us both LOL, but life is slowing starting to return to normal or what passes as normal in a house with 6 dogs 3 of which are tripods.

As a woman of a certain age, I recently received a letter informing me I was due my first mammogram, so that's where I'm headed this morning DEEP JOY!!!!!

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Carol said...

whay WTG Jim the brave one! oh what a relief Sue - hope that both Sandy and Jim continue to progress well - good ol' Uncle Bill hey?

Hope the appointment went ok

See you Saturday xx