Friday, 30 October 2009


We've been to the vets and Sandy has had her drain and last few stitches removed! vet very pleased and has officially discharged the woo, although he did say if Sandy wanted to come and keep Jim company on his future visits he could take a wee look at her un officially LOL.

So 25 days after her amputation she has the green light to start little walks and just plain old enjoy life! So many highs and lows, stress and sheer terror we've been through with the woo and despite knowing all that, we would do it all again ! just to see Sandy enjoying life so much, is not only worth every penny (of which there are a few to be paid thanks to the 20% excess) but also proves all the traumas and heartache were eventually worth it. Onwards and Upwards for the woo!

Jim tufa also had to see Mr Vet, unfortunately the staples didn't come out today as planned, a small area of the wound looks as though the skin is dying/dead due to all the fluid pressure. Back again Wednesday and we'll see what happens, worst case scenario will be another op to remove the problem area. So Jim continues to make progress, not as spectacular as Sandy woo but he's on the mend.


Jane said...

I'm so pleased Sue xx

Carol said...

wow wtg Sandy - big hugs to Jim, he'll soon catch up..

Bet you feel relieved...

~Take care xx