Friday, 9 October 2009

The weekend

So Saturday off we went, looking forward to a whole weekend of scrapping and relaxing. By 1pm we were in the caravan unpacked and enjoying a cup of tea whilst the caravan rocked and rolled in the strong winds and heavy rain, we didn't care a hoot and spent the rest of the day scraping.

Sadly on the Sunday, Sandy started to go down hill very quickly, her leg had a build up of fluid and her pain became uncontrollable. So home we came.

We decided to throw the dice one last time and have her x rayed Monday, to see if there was signs of the cancer in her chest etc, we took her to the vets and said our goodbyes completely convinced that the vet would ring with bad news and we would have to let her go there and not at home as we prefer.

When the vet rung he said there were no signs of cancer anywhere else and he felt despite her age we should amputate her leg and give her a chance. Two hours later he rang back to say she had survived the op and was doing ok.

Tuesday afternoon we brought her home and there followed 48 hours of indescribable stress. Poor Sandy puffed, panted and tried to pace. We eventually discovered this was drug related and now we've sorted that out she's much more relaxed and we have all finally had some sleep.

Sandy is moving around well and can take herself outside to do her business but needs just a little help now and then. The drains should have come out yesterday but as they are still weeping alot they've been left in and we will review it again tomorrow.

For now she is happy, comfortable and ALIVE.

Jim has been very perky but today his pain seems to have ramped up, yet more decisions.

Thank you to everyone who has sent Sandy so many good wshes.

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hotpotato said...

Oh Sue what a week you've had and you were so looking forward to your weekend away with Dawn.
Hope Sandy and Jim are doing ok and will be thinking of you all.
Janina x