Monday, 26 October 2009

Tough love

Whilst Sandy goes from strength to strength Jim continues to be morose and lethargic.

So the big fella is now on the receiving end of some tough love from us. Meals are no longer given to him laying down he has to get up and come and get them! we also make him get up and walk around every few hours! Of course he is 2weeks behind Sandy on the recovery road but he simply doesn't have her fighting spirit and we cannot just let him lay around all day so Saturday we encouraged him into the conservatory with a beef bone

which he really enjoyed, followed by his nap LOL, he did however think he might join Sandy and hoodwink Eric into taking them for a walk.

Fat chance! Sandy's bandage is what holds her drain in place, looks odd but works well.

Sandy has mastered jumping onto HER sofa now and is enjoying being back in her usual spot.

Gangley has took pity on the big fella and decided to give him a hug!

so going to have to scrap that one LOL.

Finally one of them all together and yes I ended up on the floor LOL.

Jim is off to see Mr Vet this afternoon, we're hoping they might give him something to lessen the fluid, it hangs of his tummy and chest like man boobs, although his stump and back leg don't look quite as bad this morning.

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