Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Back from visiting the woo and pleased to say she looked so much better! Drip is finished but the line left in for antibiotics. We took her buster collar off and she settled down on a blanket and enjoyed some fussing and eggy bread. Apparently she is eating much better now and doesn't seem stressed. Still don't know when she'll come home.

The biopsy results came back, and the bone tumour is a malignant Osteosarcoma, we had almost convinced ourselves it wouldn't be the worst news as her chest is clear but as the vet said she's at least 6 months into this and having a clear chest is good news and very unusual so not to give up hope.

Maybe all the experimental and complimentary stuff we've been using has worked or maybe she is just that one who gets lucky. Either way she's still in there fighting.

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