Monday, 12 October 2009

Sandy is very poorly

The vet rung earlier and is very concerned, he thinks she has a bad infection but feels there is some hope as her temperature has come down. She will stay at the vets for at least the next 48 hours so she can have 3 lots of intravenous antibiotics and flushing out of the wound.

We are going in at 3pm to visit and take her some eggy bread as they can't get her to eat and we'll take her liver birthday cake as well.

I expected an apology this morning after the ridiculous amount of persuasion it took to get the on call vet to come out and her complete lack of interest and understanding of what was going on but no in fact it appears we are in the dog house for upsetting her UNBELIEVABLE...................

We wanted them to come out as we felt she was too uncomfortable and stressed to take her in if there was a chance she could be treated here.

Please keep her in your thoughts she has a hell of a mountain to climb.

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hotpotato said...

Thinking of you all Sue
Janina xx