Thursday, 15 October 2009

So just when you think it can't get any worse it does.

Jim's tumour is horrendous and he has a fracture in the leg, his chest is clear but the vet doesn't think amputating is a good option but will do so if that's what we want. Basically we have to decide in the next day or so to amputate or let him go to sleep over the weekend. The danger of his leg snapping completely is to big to carry on.

Sandy has a flesh eating infection that has started to destroy the tissue around her stump. They are hitting the infection with everything they have but if there is no improvement within 48 hours then we have to let her go as well.

Thank you to everyone who keeps my beautiful dogs in their thoughts and prayers.


karen said...

sorry to hear about sandy and jim you certainly have had some bad luck. Whatever the outcome, i hope it's the right one for you, your family and sandy and jim. Thinking of you at this time love karen

Carol said...

OMG Sue - I just don't know what to say....just that I'm thinking of you all and know all too well the pain you must all be feeling.... Poor Jim and Sandy and poor's Alfie tonight? has he settled down?
Take care girlie, big hugz to you all xx