Monday, 12 October 2009

We've been to visit

Just back from visiting Sandy, armed with eggy bread and liver cake.

Sandy looks much better than last night but is very uncomfortable with a drip in and the biggest buster collar on that I have ever seen.

They had cooked her some chicken as she wouldn't eat but still scoffed the bits we took in.

Vet says he is cautiously optimistic.

Another night away from us and the pack who are very quiet and wondering what the hell is going on. Much like us.

Sandy is an incredibly stubborn stoic girl who has not once complained or given us the look to say I've had enough and if anyone can pull through this she can.

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Carol said...

OMG Sue - sending you all whopping great big hugs and hoping that Sandy pulls thro' - shes a fighter - take care girlie and keep that chin up - thinking of you all xx