Thursday, 15 October 2009

More bad news

When we visited Sandy yesterday she was very bright and the vet said she would probably come home Friday. She even tried to leg it out the doors to leave with us and we felt that she had turned the corner.

This morning they've just told Eric who was taking Jim in for x rays that they need to operate again, the muck from the infection has become worse and her drain can't cope.

So please keep her in your thoughts, this is her 3rd GA in under two weeks and spare a thought for dear old Jim who will have his chest x rayed and tumour so we can judge just how bad it is and what to do

Going to be a long morning


Jane said...

So sorry Sue, will be thinking of you all xx

hotpotato said...

So sorry to hear poor Sandy is not too good, fingers crossed for Jim.
Janina xx

Jenny said...

Thinking of you all and sending best wishes xxx