Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Jim is HOME

Jima buba so known cos he's always been such a baby is now to be known as Jim tufa BECAUSE he's been so BRAVE !!!!

Yesterday Eric went to collect him after his op to amputate his back leg and he only JUMPED into the car unaided!!!!!!

He is able to take himself outside for wee's etc and is doing very well.

Sandy is very bright and perky this morning and back to her cheeky self.

Photo from last night of me being all soppy and relieved to have Jim home.

and one from this morning showing Jim having his brekkie in his normal spot.

So all being well and touching wood, Jim will go to vets tomorrow for a check up and Sandy on Friday.

Today life is GOOD !!!!!

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Carol said...

oh wow well done Jim, he has been so very brave - he looks very well, considering, bet you're now pleased that you made the decision - is that Sandy in the background...??

Might see you at the vets on Friday then as Ty has to have one of his bi-monthly checks...

take care xx