Friday, 16 October 2009

Sandy and Jim

Sandy has had a comfortable night, her temperature is normal and she is eating. The swap results are back and show no MRSA and the infections she does have the vets have been using the correct antibiotics. She will have the poultice removed this morning and another drain fitted and then it's a case of waiting, hoping and praying. If there are no signs of improvement over the weekend we have been advised that it would be best to bring her home and then let her go.

Jim is totally zonked from his GA and slept all evening, all night and is still dopey this morning. No decision has been made.

We are so torn over what to do and bone weary.


Nikki said...

Oh Sue, I am so sorry to hear your news about Sandy and Jim. My thoughts are with you and I'm sure that any decision you make is best for them, I know how much you love them. Big (((hugs))) to you. Nikki x

Carol said...

oh Sue its so hard isn't when you love them so much....such a big decision to have to make...they love you lots too....BIG hugz to you all and take care of yourself xx