Friday, 16 October 2009

So now we wait!

We visited Sandy again this afternoon and even though she was only just coming around from yet another sedation to change the drain (now has a bottle attached to collect the muck)she looked bright and alert, temperature still normal.

We took Marc along (son) he is her favourite person in the whole world and her eyes lit up when she saw him, she snuggled in and gave a happy little purr.

So now we wait, hope and pray the antibiotics can start to kick the infection off.

The nurse who is on duty all weekend is lovely and obviously really likes Sandy. She said Sandy is the bravest greyhound she has ever met. I feel happier knowing someone who cares about Sandy will be taking care of her.

Jim is still a bit zonked by the GA bless him, he waves a paw for you to sit with him and then as you hold his paw he goes back to sleep. Still no decision made, we go back and forward talking and talking it over.

This photo was taken just over 5 years ago when they first arrived here.

They were both in the same rescue kennels, so have been together a long while now.

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Deekay said...

Hi, have been following the news about Jim and Sandy on UKS. You are in my thoughts at this very difficult time. Sending lots of (((hugs))).