Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sandy is all woohooo

Sandy continues to go from strength to strength and last night slept in the lounge on her own. First time she's been back to her normal place since this all started in June. She had the staples removed yesterday, still a few stitches in from where they went in the 2nd and 3rd time and the drain stays for at least another week. She doesn't have to go back to Mr Vet for a whole week !!!!!!

Jim is not right !!!! miserable as sin, refusing pills, never had a problem before but now we have to force them down not nice BUT we think we have discovered the problem. His back/neck is very sore (probably from being man handled and he has a history of this pain) so we're going to start him on Sandy's nerve pain pill (with vets permission). Fingers crossed this helps. His stump is still heavy with fluid and it hangs from his tummy and chest. If you sit with him he is happier and nods off to sleep.

Managed to persuade Mr T to go out to pub with friends last night ( a whole 90 mins), well he took Alfie as the Landlord is the president of the Alfie Bear fan club, Alfie had a great time we did not !!!! Lucky did her nut, no idea why she got so upset but upset she was. Maybe she's frightened of her pack keep disappearing and coming back minus a limb and poor Alfie is the original tripod. Anyway she settled down once they returned thank goodness.

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Carol said...

Hiya Sue,

didn't see you at the vets on Friday - kept a look out for you! obviously, missed each other xx

Glad to hear that Sandy is doing so well - and fingers crossed that Jim improves over the weekend.

Take care of yourself and keep that chin up xx