Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sad news

Yesterday Ruby our foster girl who has been poorly since arriving here in February had some x-rays which showed she has multiple tumours in her chest! The outlook is poor and we are all quite devastated! Hoping and praying Ruby will stay well enough to  enjoy the summer here with us her family.

Everyone who has met Ruby falls in love with her, she is just the sweetest little lady, so gentle and quiet but boy does she  come alive when Ben or Harvey visit, Miss Ruby two shoes adores the grandsons and it is wonderful to see them with her.

All tears have been shed away from Ruby as we don't want her stressed, after all she doesn't know she's sick and we don't intend telling her!

Other hounds are well and happy and I have been told wrist is healing well enough to go ahead with next op in September, oh deep joy!

Ruby and Ben

Ruby and Harvey


hotpotato said...

Oh Sue, so sorry to hear the news on least how ever long she's got will be good, with foster doggy parents like you and Eric she can't go wrong.xxxx

Sue said...

I hope Ruby enjoys what time she has left with you, her family.

Lovely photos of your two grandsons and Ruby.

Sandra's Spot said...

Oh horrible news Sue. Ruby two shoes has been so lucky coming to the Taylor household. I will wish the tumours away. Hugs Sandra XX