Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Using the papers left over from the layout I did on Saturday I've made this canvass for my friend Bim. Her beautiful greyhound passed away recently and is buried in our garden because she totally adored Eric and this was her favourite place to be. Hope she likes it. I used the flowers I made and then didn't put on the layout as they would have been to bulky.

Ruby was back at the vets last night and has gone from 26.4k last week to 27.1 this week yay! the vet said she was vastly improved but still a long way to go. He's hoping that's it's a deep routed bronchial infection and not something more sinister! today she is the brightest I have seen her in weeks! Paws crossed pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee


Crie Artezzanato said...

Hi.. Beautiful LO.



Sue said...

What a fab canvass and a lovely thing to do for your friend.

So glad to hear Ruby has gained some weight. Hope it is bronchial infection and she goes from strength to strength.

Winnie said...

A really pretty canvas, hope you're friend loved it! Good to hear Ruby is finally gaining a bit of weight again. Hope that means she is getting better.