Tuesday, 15 October 2013

For my Mum

My Mum has just brought to my attention the lack of blogging LOL so this is for you Mother.

This is a layout I actually designed myself, so out of practise with paper layouts. Photo is of my Mum and Dad on their wedding day.

This is using the idea of a previous kit from papermaze but using my own stash. Flowers have been die cut and coloured in with water pencils.

To think only last week the hounds were laying outside basking in the last of the summer sun. Belle and Twizzle are inseparable these days they even sleep curled up together and Rocky is finally feeling happier with life after taking such a dip when Orin passed away so suddenly.

Roll forward a week and it's turned really cold, had to order Mojo and Gangley new jumpers which arrived today, stops them freezing during the day when I'm too tight to turn the heating on.

Alfie is finally better after 3 weeks of being very poorly due to an infection from a cat scratch, you can see his head had to be shaved.

Elmo is looking fab, solid muscle when he arrived in January 2012 he looked like a greyhound whippet x these days it's more like a whippet hippo x and he is the least interested in food of the hounds.

Indy has his bandage off now and has been really good and not bothered the claw too much, the wick is very exposed and still looks very sore.

Trying to finish off a few projects as I'm having a small op on hand on the 24th and not sure how long it will stop play LOL.


hotpotato said...

Love the layouts Sue, also fab pics of hounds. Didn't realise you had an op coming up, hope all goes well. x

What Remains Now said...

Well done to your mom. We were missing you too. I love both the layouts. So beautiful. Glad to hear the hounds are all doing well too. Everyone looks good, even with a few injuries. Sending best wishes that the surgery goes smoothly as well as your recovery.

Carol Plume said...

Hiya stranger!!!! lol great piccies of the dogs loving the jumpers...my heating is on!!!

see you soon xx

Sue said...

So glad your mum reminded you:)

Lovely LOs.

Love the photos of the dogs. Those jumpers look very cosy. I've been putting a SnuggleSafe in Polly's bed for her to snuggle up to. No heat on here yet, but they warning of an arctic blast soon.

Sending hugs (((Sue, Eric & Pack))).

genji said...

Sometimes it takes a mum's reminder :) glad to see the pups are doing fine. Time for all of to start snuggling together for warmth too.

Jane said...

good to see what you've been up to Sue xx