Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oh dear!

After all the excitement of the walk, I've kind of forgotten to blog LOL.

Total so far for walk is £3,484! which means we broke through the £10,000 barrier our original goal for 4 walks so with one walk to go we've achieved what we set out to do!

Alfie Bear has been very poorly, the infection after being scratched by a cat went into his skull which has 3 fractures from when he was first found, his eye he can see out of closed up, pus was coming out of his head and his jaw was hanging with fluid, running a very high temperature as well, upshot 3 more trips to vets, loads of pills etc but he is finally looking like he's on the mend.

Indy not wanting to miss out on the action ripped a claw yesterday, came in holding it up (so much blood I wanted to faint). of course I was on my own so just had to get on with it, cleaned it up gave him painkillers as he was shaking with pain, the claw had left the wick and flesh exposed but had also twisted around so the tip was pushing into his foot. Another trip to the vets, they took him out the back and pulled it out! everyone at the vets fell in love with Indy and who can blame them he is such a sweetheart. Belle is going tomorrow for her jabs so it feels like the last two weeks has been vets vets and vets LOL. I expect their Christmas party will be in the Bahama's courtesy of us LOL.

I thought I did well to remember to take a photo of Indy's paw after I had cleaned it up.

 and his bandage does coordinate nicely with his collar

A friend in the village who runs the East of England GSD rescue recently did a parachute jump to raise money for her charity, Eric went with her to take photo's and I made her a little maze book for her handbag to show people how brave she was, she hated it and was completely terrified at the time but now looks back and is very proud of what she did and rightly so! Terrible pictures, should have checked them before I wrapped it up.

Gangley has had a few days where she hasn't been so good but this morning looked and walked better, she remains quite happy in herself and the other hounds are all good, well Mojo is limping guess he just wants some medicine as well LOL. He does do this every few weeks can't see anything wrong so suspect whilst he's roaring around he maybe puts to much pressure on his wrist. Dam dogs are always a worry but we wouldn't be without them that's for sure.

Off to crop on Saturday so looking forward to that.


What Remains Now said...

Poor Alfie! Glad he is on the mend. That's scary. Poor Indy! That must have hurt terribly. Feeling sorry for you too, having to deal with it all. What a thoughtful gift for your friend. I know she will treasure that little book forever. Congratulations to the guys on this years walk. You deserve a blogging have a lot going on. Enjoy the weekend.

Sue said...

Think you need to camp out at the vets:)

Glad Indy and Alfie will be ok. so pleased Gangley is having a better day.

Well done Marc and his mates.

I know you will enjoy the crop on Saturday.

Sending hugs to you all from me and Polly.

gyeong said...

Poor Alfie. Cat scratches are downright nasty. Glad to hear he is on the mend. It's amazing how much blood can come out of a ripped dew claw. I just got back from the vet this morning. Just for normal stuff. But I sure feel like I'm there a lot too.