Tuesday, 6 May 2014

May already?

How did that happen the weeks are just flying by! less than 2 weeks to go before Dawn and I head off for are usual little holiday in Norfolk. This year we're going Monday to Friday which gives us an extra day to craft LOL.

Had a lovely day at Bramford crop on Saturday, extended hours to celebrate National scrapbooking day for those with stamina. Jannina always makes sure we have a great time and everyone wins a prize.

Two layouts, both digi backgrounds and then convention paper.

Bought Eric new jodhpurs for his birthday and he got lots of money for extra lessons. Doing work for Maria in exchange for bum in saddle time is working out well he gets to ride several times a week in addition to the lessons at klub equest, lucky or what! And for those who think he's left it rather late in life to start there's a lady who stables her horse at Maria's who has just started at the age of 70! LOL.

Finally found out what was wrong with Gangley she had a open ulcer type thing at the top inside leg which was why she couldn't walk, antibiotics and cream and it's almost healed and she's back to being reasonably mobile although her appetite is becoming a problem  trying all sorts to tempt her. Of course cake is acceptable.

Other hounds are all well and have been enjoying the better weather.

I had a little meltdown yesterday went to do some work on our walkingthebeat website and it had disappeared, felt sick as I had been doing a lot of work on it but it's back now thank goodness.

sue x


Jane said...

I bet you're ready for your crafty holiday, pleased Eric had a good birthday xx

Sue said...

Hope you have a lovely time here.

So glad you enjoyed the crop. Fab LOs.

Erics looking good.

Hope you can find something that get's Gangley's appetite back.

So glad the website hadn't gone for good.

gyeong said...

I'm glad Gangley's issue has been found. Hopefully the cake will bring back full health. I'm glad your website came back. I would've had a meltdown too.