Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tagged as a Rockin' Blogger!!

Yay I've been tagged as a rockin blogger by Sharon, thank you Sharon apparently the rockin blogger award was started by a lady called Roberta. Anyway it has really cheered me up after a very stressful evening.

We we're supposed to be going over to Eric's friends farm to collect our TR7 which they have been storing for 7 years (oops) so anyway Eric takes the battery out of the Volvo (thinking it's a fair bet the TR won't start LOL) we got into my car to go BUT my car had no drive but then decided it did, so off we go down the drive, stop at the bottom for traffic go to pull away and no drive again, only this time it didn't come back! so then Eric had to put battery back in Volvo and tow my car back up drive. Looks like a big job as the seal has gone on the crank shaft and oil has got into the automatic gear box!!!!!! poor Eric he really doesn't need the extra work. AND we still have to get the TR7 back ASAP.

Anyway I'll have to have a think about who I will tag.

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vikki said...

hay! thats my car mum.