Thursday, 2 August 2007

Hectic time

Lord it's been completely mad here for days....We have bought a second hand conservatory which has to be dismantled so Eric been busy arranging help and tying up dates and transport. Also he has sold one of his motorbikes, so had that to sorted out. We finally got TR7 back here (OMG it's awful how could we let that happen) and Eric managed to find some time to fix my car yay !!!! plus collecting a cement mixer he got on ebay auction, it's been non stop.

So Saturday is the day of getting the conservatory luckily "the boys" are available. Then we have to draw up the plans and apply for planning permission "DRAT" apparently when the double garage was built it used up the permissive rights for this property, shouldn't be a problem but it's still a pain and will take approx 8 - 10 weeks. Now you know me I want it up like yesterday LOL.

Had a wonderful day scrapping with Dawn today and actually finished a whole layout!
Wanted to have my own album of Ben but as I've already scrapped his first year by each month for Vikki didn't really want to repeat it in mine so came up with this which covers his first year and now I'll just add pages to the album as and when.

Page is based on a Design Collective class by Amber Harrop-Johnston "going round in circles" also loved a page a fellow DC scrapper called dotty scrapper did, so have pinched (with her permission) the basic LO.

Mum had her birthday yesterday and I made her a matching birthdays book and address book. The birthday book was a doddle as it was a DC class by Karen Miller with really easy to follow instructions.

The address book was all my own work and with no instructions was quite difficult to work out, got there in the end and Mum loved it which was the main thing.

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