Monday, 20 August 2007

Been a busy weekend

Saturday I went with Dawn to our local crop and had a fabulous day as "Sharon" on DC would say a great scrap and yap LOL. Managed to do a double layout for Eric's TT album BUT not sharing it with you as want to do the whole album first...

Saturday night we went to a housewarming party and had a good evening but came home to a very poorly Mac. Having declined his brekkie and tea on Saturday we were a little concerned and as soon as we got in he rushed outside and was really sick. Poor little chap had waited until we got home. Sunday he again refused food all day and was looking really sick by bedtime and now not drinking water either. Decided to try him on warmed up milk with sugar, yes I know I shouldn't but he loves it and to our relieve he drank it and by this morning seemed much better. He's off to the vets Wednesday as the lump on his leg is still growing, Sandy is also going for her yearly booster and health check, good job as we suspect she has an infection in her mouth.

Got a letter from the council today to inform us they will be putting up a notice for one and all to read regarding the plans we submitted for the conservatory, fingers crossed.

Found time today for a little play and made this ATC holder... can't wait for my swaps to arrive and now they'll have their own little home LOL.

Completely forgot there had been a class on the Design Collective on how to make these d'oh .... but still managed to make something reasonable off my own bat LOL...shame the photo's of my lovely creation are so rubbish...

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