Sunday, 26 August 2007

Lazy Blogger

I'm becoming a lazy blogger so much for my good intentions of putting something on everyday!

Well Mac is better thank goodness and the vet doesn't think the lump on the leg is causing his stiffness but suspects it's the hip. Good news for us as his insurance will pay for any treatment not so great for Mac but he seems pretty happy with life. Sandy didn't get her yearly booster as she has an abscess on a tooth and has to have a GA Wednesday to remove the tooth, so no point getting the jab whilst on AB's.

The yellow board has gone up outside informing the public of our proposed planning permission for the conservatory ... Fingers still crossed.

Marc was best man at his best friends wedding yesterday, we went to the evening do and everyone said what a great speech he gave. Well I know that having listened to him rehearse it a million times LOL... The bride looked gorgeous as did the bridesmaids and the boys all looked so smart. Unfortunately our camera was playing up last night and none of the photo's are in focus.

Hospital rang and have given me a date of the 18th Oct to have the replacement joint wrist removed eek !!!! just waiting on the pre admission appt as I have a hundred questions but main question is "how long will I not be able to SCRAP"

I wasn't going to share any of the layouts I'm doing for Eric's TT album, but I'm so chuffed with this one I have to show it off.

It's a Design Collective class by Debbie Jewell. Debbie actually used a real clock and altered it to use in a child's bedroom. As soon as I saw it I knew it fitted perfectly for this photo of the boys and bikes by the Liver Building waiting to board the Seacat. I used a piece of paper with clocks on kindly donated by Dawn, then mounted the photo on it but cut the sky away as I wanted it to look part of the paper. The clock face is printed onto acetate then the whole thing is mounted onto a black circle and then again mounted onto a circle covered in off cuts of basic grey papers. technically it was quite a hard LO to do with so many circles. Good job I invested a whole 67p in a compass LOL. Not often I can hand on heart say I'm happy with a LO usually something bugs me but I Love this...

Off to Mum and Dad's annual BBQ tomorrow, always good to meet up with all the family EXCEPT Bob and family who are in America. Normally we would have the webcam on so they feel part of it with everyone talking to them but Mum moved it to Monday this year as Vik was supposed to be working tonight and of course it's not a Bank Holiday for them. Need to get a family photo tomorrow for a LO I want to do LOL...I wonder if I could ring round and get everyone dressed in colours to match my papers....probably not.

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