Monday, 13 August 2007

My first ATC's

A class this week on the Design Collective by Jane Hall is about ATC's (that's artists trading cards for those not in the know me included LOL). They have to measure 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2inches and should have (apparently) 4 elements. Background paper, subject, accent and embellishment. Wasn't going to bother with them but then Jane decided to set up a swap where by we each make three and send them to her and she then sends three from other members back to you plus a bonus one from Jane herself.
Have to say I was completely stuck for an idea but eventually the penny dropped and as my username on DC is greyhound lover the choice was obvious LOL. Had good fun making them but once you start trying to work on them you realise just how small they are. Hope I don't end up being embarrassed if the other members are much better than mine LOL. Going to post them to Jane tomorrow and sit back and wait for the swaps to arrive.

I made the background paper by typing a verse from a poem dated 1486.
A greyhound should be Headed like a snake,
And necked like a drake,
Footed like a cat,
Tailed like a rat,
Sided like a team,
Chined like a bream.

The hounds were made by using alcohol inks onto transparency then printing the image onto that and cutting them out. Stamped a paw and made the hearts and letters on CR which were then coloured, and either foiled or glittered....

Popped to Ipswich yesterday to see Vikki and Ben and ended up bringing the little chap home with me, poor Rulu's face was a picture "you can't be serious Mum". Anyway we had a really lovely time, after lunch we went to the little park over the road and Ben and Eric had a great time LOL. Eric took him home a few hours later and the cheeky little man only wanted to get back in the car and come back AGAIN!!!!

Needless to say Eric and I were shattered LOL

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Guinevere said...

Hi Sue
Hi Sue, thanks for you kind remarks on my blog about my ATCs. I would be delighted to receive on of yours - ther are so striking.You should be proud of them!
Kind regards Jennie xx