Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Yup still raining!

When will we ever see the sun, just keeps on raining and raining.

Had a lovely day today with Vikki and Ben coming over. Ben has just the cutest little wellie boots you ever did see "postman pat" he adores them and screams if Vikki tries to take them off. Today Eric had a day off and needed to do some work in the garden in between the rain and of course Ben was out there following his Grandad and helping out. Got some good photo's will have to scrap them for sure BUT I need a new camera! our digital camera just isn't fast enough to catch Ben or the dogs and I get so frustrated with all the shots of the back of Ben's head or a dog just moving out of shot. Think it will have to be my Christmas present although technically I've already had it as last year Eric treated me to a craft robo for my birthday/Christmas for the next zillion years LOL.

Dawn is away in France on yet another holiday so as Thursday is our scrapping day I'll be doing it on my own, now where near as much fun and it's always good to work alongside someone when you need a second opinion.

This is another layout based on a Design Collective class by Debbie Jewell. The photo is of Poppit now one of my bridge babies.

Mac and Jim are booked in to the vets Friday. Mac's leg really hasn't improved and we are now really concerned that the leg is rejecting the metal plate and pin. Because he's now 11 we have been hoping he wouldn't need another op but it's beginning to look like we're running out of options. Jim has been have pain in his neck shoulder area for a few weeks and despite resting him it's still there!

Had the renewal for the dogs insurance through. Sandy, Jim and Lucky's has gone up from around £15.00 per dog per month to £25.00 and Mac's has gone through the roof to £43.00!and it doesn't cover any treatment on his leg.... question is do we keep paying or cancel and run the risk of a massive bill? when Mac broke his leg the op alone came to £2,500..... guess it's to risky to cancel and at least they have a no excess policy.

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