Friday, 29 June 2007

Still raining

Well yet another thunder storm and cloud burst as I sit here !!! when will the rain stop and the sun come out again. For me the weather influences my mood if the sun shines I'm happy and motivated to do things. Guess the weather and a chest infection explains why I've been so unproductive this week. Finally went to the doctors and now have antibiotics so hopefully I will start to feel better soon.

Did go out to lunch yesterday with Dawn and it was the first time I've left the house in over a week but was home by 1.15pm exhausted.

This is a layout I did on my weekend away. The photo is of Eric and Ben.

Ben just adores his Grandad and copies everything he does. We were at a BBQ at our son's, now Marc is completely obsessive about grass and 10 times worse with his own and would really have liked to stop us all going on the lawn but of course he couldn't, so just as we were about to leave Eric bent down and pretended to get the grass to stand back up and naturally Ben had to help.

The page is based on a class by Fiona Beckman of the Design Collective and is about different ways of hiding journaling. On this page there are two lots of hidden journaling, sometimes what you want to record may be personal and not right for everyone to read or other times it would spoil the look of a page. I wanted to record the story of Marc and his grass and Ben copying Eric but it would have detracted from the page, hence hiding it. Can you guess where.

Hope to meet up with Vikki and Ben tomorrow and just generally have a chilled out weekend.

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vikki said...

mum it is great. im proud of you wich i could do half the things you do