Friday, 8 June 2007

Normal service is resumed.....

Eric arrived home Wednesday yay !!!! the dogs went absolutely mad, barking and crying all at the same time. It was a good ten minutes before I dared move in and get a much need hug. So I've had 2 good nights sleep and breakfast in bed and feel back to normal. He's had a wonderful holiday and the boys now have some new stories to tell and keep us amused for a few years no doubt. AND .....Eric has taken some lovely photo's of all the bikes and fantastic photo's of the beautiful scenery so I have loads of scrapping potential ahead.

Poor Mac is in the wars again, he's been a bit stiff all week which I put down to no walks but after a very short walk Wednesday evening his leg with the metal plate started to swell up. He's been to the vets and has an infection. Ideally it would be best for the plate to be removed but because of his age and a possible weakness in the bones which caused them to break initially we are trying to keep it in. So he's on a course of very very expensive antibiotics. Course his insurance doesn't cover the leg !!!!!

My little Rulu was 11 yesterday.... only seems like yesterday that I brought this tiny little fat bundle home from my sisters. I first got to see her when she was just an hour old (she's Rocky's and my sisters dog Lulu's offspring) and then spent as much time as I could with her everyday until she finally came home with me. Let me tell you she came complete with compass, back pack and grappling hook.... she was a nightmare LOL.

So the last job on my list of rotten jobs to do whilst Eric was away didn't get done so I'm going to do it today..... Sorting out my desk (groan) ..... no more scrapping until everything is sorted, tided and filed....... but I did finish a LO yesterday, just waiting to take a photograph then I'll share it...

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Sharon said...

LMAO at the comment about your desk needing tidied! I LOVE tidying, especially craft stuff! I'd help you out if I lived near!!!
I really wasn't joking when I introduced myself on the design collective forum as being a scrap tidier as much as a scrapbooker! I must be a bit of a freak, mind you anytime I've been to a crop it takes me at least a week to unpack and put away my stuff.
Hope things get back to normal for you now that Eric is home.
BTW I hope you don't mind me asking as I read in your earlier posts about your hand, did you hurt it in an accident?