Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Well I've been feeling rotten since Thursday !!!!! ache all over and RA has flared, suspect I caught a chill in the caravan and it doesn't take much to tip the balance. Feeling a bit better today and was supposed to being seeing Vikki and Ben But now I'm up to a visit Ben has come down with a tummy bug. Haven't seen them since before I went away so getting Nanny withdrawal symptoms. Going to try and meet up Saturday.

Haven't done any scrapping booking since coming back from my weekend away. Combination of feeling rotten and no inspiration at all. Had a LO sitting on my desk for over a week now but just can't seem to get going.

These are two I did when away and our based on Design Collective classes. Photo's are from Eric's holiday on the IOM.

That's the second time I've scrapped this class by Karen Miller as I loved it so much.

and this is my take on a class by Jennie Leon. Course it helps having such gorgeous photo's to work with.

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