Friday, 1 June 2007

Thank goodness it's Friday

Tiscali have finally sorted out the email problems yay !!!! spent 3 days thinking I'd done something wrong then Dad told me most people on Tiscali were also unable to send out emails ... whew !!! that would have taken some explaining when Eric gets home.

Dogs are now officially going stir crazy, despite the gorgeous weather and being able to be outside they are fed up BIG TIME especially of me LOL. I tried playing with them in the garden tonight. They were not impressed with my brave efforts and I've ended up with the mark of Zorro across my tummy from Mac... thanks pal....

In between sorting out dogs and entertaining all my visitors who come to make sure I'm OK (I've called them Suzy Sitters LOL) actually joking aside I really do appreciate people visiting and ringing, I've been working on a class from the Design Collective, it's called scrap lifting with a twist by the very very talented Karen Miller. At first look I thought oh that looks easy. Well think again girl, trying to get 4 papers to work together if not using a kit (which I'm not - oh no that would be to easy and why take the easy option when you can make like hard) isn't easy. Karen says she was impressed that I did it, well if she'd seen the little hissy fit I had it might have spoilt the illusion. Dawn was here yesterday ( we always try o have a scrap day once a week) and observed it all, actually Dawn almost finished a complete LO whilst I was still pushing paper around. Anyway I almost finished it then messed up !!!! have thought of a way round it but have had to put it to one side and catch up on some card orders first.

Yesterday Eric and CO decided to watch the racing from a different spot and went up the mountain. Unfortunately for them the police forgot to open the road up afterwards and they were stuck up there for ages.... I expect by the time they return it will have turned into a funny story... Hope Eric is remembering to take lots of photo's and journal it all as I want to do a scrapbook for him of their TT adventure.

Via text I asked if he was having a good time.... the reply (he's a man of very few text words) "BIKER HEAVEN"

Weather forecast is great for the weekend yay no muddy paws...

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Karen said...

Haha, I'd love to have been a fly on the wall at your house yesterday Sue. :D