Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Better night

Eric rang last night and was a lot happier, good campsite in fact from his tent he has a super position to watch the practice and racing without even having to move. He held the telephone up so I could here the bikes roaring past ..... oh boy was I jealous! and the weather has improved a lot so all round he's much happier and having a good time.

We had a much better night, went to bed quite early and had all the dogs settled by 10pm, usually Jim and Rulu sleep in our room and the other three sleep in the lounge, study and dining room. Last night they decided they would all sleep with me, probably because they all feel a bit unsettled. So there we were all of us tucked up and asleep by 10pm BLISS..... even better no one had me up until 4.26am to be precise LOL ....course by 6.ooam I had had my breakfast and showered, beautiful sunrise this morning but it has already clouded over with yet more rain on the way.

Going to pick Vikki and Ben up from the train station at 10.00am then pop to the Dr's to collect my pills and get him to check out a odd looking freckle/spot/mole on my arm which is worrying Eric, then back here for lunch and Dawn is going to join us. Tonight Marc is coming over to take the bin out for me and unblock the kitchen drain which is overflowing everywhere despite Eric doing it at the weekend. Guess all the rain has sent debris into it.

I have apologies to make .... unknown to me my outgoing emails although showing as sent are not reaching anyone, and it appears it could have been going on for several day. Can't figure out what is wrong as incoming mail is fine, so sorry guys if you think I'm ignoring you all I'm not. Which is the reason I've updated my blog early today as several people have been a bit worried.

Dawn's coming tomorrow for a scrap day yay !!!!! finally I'll get to do some scrapping this week.

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Sharon said...

Glad to hear you had a better night's sleep!
Hope you get lots of scrapping done when your friend comes over too.