Sunday, 13 May 2007

It's raining

Today I had planned on starting to make up my hanging baskets and pots BUT it's rained all day...... So instead I've ben playing on the computer and made this slide show of the hounds scrapbook. All of these pages are made using the Design Collective classes which are proving to be challening and as hoped taking me out of my comfort zone, except for the Poppitt page which was a kit put together by Ness at her Otley crop.

Tomorrow Mac has to be at the vets at 8.15am to have a tooth removed and whilst under the anesthetic will have his leg x rayed to see if the plate put in almost 2 years when his leg broke in several places needs to be removed. He's been very stiff lately and the vets feel the plate may be the cause.

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Sam Fenton said...

Hope it all goes alright for Mac tommorrow :)

ps.. am I your first comment??!!