Thursday, 17 May 2007

A Quiet day

Finished my layout from yesterday and was just scanning it when my mouse stopped working, changed the batteries and still dead !!!! have had to come over to Eric's pooter and it just doesn't feel right. Ended taking a rubbish photo of the Lo instead as scanner is only linked to my pooter. The LO is based on a class from The Design Collective, when it was issued I didn't have the eyelets or floss so did a layout of Rulu and improvised with brads and ribbons. This time I had all the right stuff and wanted to do it again for a different album. Even plucked up the courage to write on it, usually I do the journaling on the PC. Anyway apart from the rubbish photo of it I'm quite pleased with it.

Woke today feeling rotten, sore throat and tired so had to cancel going out with Dawn. My right wrist which is supposed to be the good one hurts like hell, think I've tweaked a tendon using my keyboard in the wrong position. Eric has been on at me for weeks to make mind up where I want it as it's currently to high for comfortable use.

Dogs have all been really quiet today, think they are all fed up with the miserable weather like me. Oh to see some sunshine again. Still haven't managed to do the pots and baskets, it's rained for days now.

Tomorrow I have an appt at the hospital to see the hand specalist as the replacement joint in my left wrist has come out of place! The op was originally done in 1999 and supposed to last 10 years. Really not looking forward to it at all as I know the options are going to be very limited.

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