Thursday, 24 May 2007


This is a layout of a very young Rocky and Rulu, they used to love playing tough and rumble (as we called it) which is what the title of the page was supposed to be but I stuck it down wrong and ended up with rough and tumble darn it. I'm going to put it on A true Friend blog as their challenge this week is to showcase your pets at play. This is a fab site for showing off your pet layouts.... and as everyone who knows me will tell you I am a complete dog bore so finally somewhere to show them off without boring everyone. Check out their blog

It's been playtime for me as well today because as hoped the postie finally brought my parcels so I have spent the day experimenting with alcohol inks on transparencies. The last set of classes from the Design Collective is all about transparencies so I can now finally start my layout.

Still no word from Blackpool website about the tickets I requested on my son's behalf and the latest news says all sold out!!!! hope I got it before they all went. I could be in deep poop eek !!!!


Sharon said...

Sounds like you've been having fun with the inks this afternoon! Looking forward to seeing the results!

Karen said...

Great pics - my dog goes berserk if I sit on the floor; I have no idea why lol.

scrapdolly said...

Fab page for the challenge this week. Looks like a lot of fun