Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Mac is much better, and after a short walk this morning and a spot of brekkie he retired to the sofa to continue with post op recovery IE: his snoozed the morning away. His teeth minus three are sparkling white and have a real Hollywood bling bling look.

I’ve been busy today preparing a few layouts. Dawn (My bestest friend) and I are off to a workshop tomorrow. It’s was part of a Birthday present from her daughters and I was kindly included. We don’t really no what to expect and have been told to bring EVERYTHING do they really mean EVERYTHING. Well for one thing we wouldn’t get it all in the car.

Saturday will see Dawn and myself go off to our local crop at Otley, which is run by Ness. It’s the highlight of the month we have a great time and of course there’s always the added bonus of Ness’s Malteser cake.

Dawn and I are Malteser addicts !!!!!!!!

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Jane said...

read your comments about your wrist etc on D.C. Hope it isn't too painful and you hear something positive from the Doctor