Friday, 18 May 2007

Mouse mystery solved

The mystery of the dead mouse has been solved. Apparently after changing the batteries the base station goes into sleep mode and has to be reset. Well really I didn’t even know I had a base station Lol, so you live and learn.

Hospital appt didn’t go quite as I imagined having pretty much decided I was going to leave the wrist alone. Unknown to us within the prosthetic joint is silicone, which has been damaged with the metal joint breaking and coming out of place. The silicone has now got bits breaking off which can travel around the body and attach itself to lymph nodes eek!!! So therefore has to come out. Unfortunately there is not enough bone left to re do the operation so I can either try to manage with nothing in the joint or have it fused. I’ve opted to have the damaged joint out in day surgery and see how I cope with nothing as I really don’t want it fused but realise this may yet have to be. Anyway the estimated wait for the surgery is 20 weeks so I can happily go back into ostrich mode. The surgeon was quite shocked at the lack of movement in my right hand which has had the wrist replaced and the knuckles and countless ops to repair tendon and ligaments but like most things with gradually deterioration you adapt.

It’s been a glorious day here with lots of sunshine which helps lift your spirits that and a large bag of maltesers Eric bought me.

Looking forward to the crop tomorrow and have prepared some work in advance otherwise I’m so busy talking I don’t get started.

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