Monday, 14 May 2007


It's been a day of worrying and stressing out about Mac. Felt so guilty when he happily went off first thing with Eric this morning. Tom our vet rang mid morning after X-raying his leg to say he could see no sign of infection or tumours and would rather treat him with Metacam as and when needed rather than put him through more surgery on his leg to remove the plate and 20 plus screws. He also feels that as the leg originally broke in 3 places whilst out walking on the lead it suggests it could have a weakness there,and so keeping the plate intact will provided continued support to the leg.

Mac ended up having 3 teeth removed and is currently, a bit wobbly, very disorientated and leaking blood from his mouth. Must be feeling rotten as he hasn't started to whinge yet!

When Mac's leg broke he was staying with us as a GAP foster dog. Lisa the founder of Greyhound Gap was fabulous, so supportive and without hesitation said he must have whatever it took to save his leg. We were lucky that within our vet practice there was a vet (TOM) who was prepared to actually try and save his leg and ordered the huge plate and screws needed to hold all the breaks together. The final bill came in at over £2,500. Huge by any standards but when you consider GAP is completely run by volunteers with very little money it was a massive amount of money to find. So began the very first emergency GAP online auction with everyone donating and buying items. The total well exceeded the amount needed and has gone on to become a regular and popular event within the GAP community.

Needless to say it took months of rest and patience for the leg to mend and by then we were so attached to him and he to ERIC (I was only ever the handmaiden)that we willingly joined the failed foster GAP club and adopted HRH Mac McWinge.

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Carol said...

aaw, what a fabulous blog.

Patcheys best friend is a greyhound called Hope. it breaks my heart to hear what these poor greyhounds go through :(

Thanks for posting a link on our blog x