Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Mac receives a parcel

Last night we received a very sad telephone call from Eric’s sister and brother in law in Wales. Like us they rescue greyhounds and also have 4 BUT they rang to say:-
Holly who had been with them for over 8 years had passed away. She had been suffering for a while with a problem with her larynx, which caused her to have problems swallowing. Yesterday the larynx collapsed and despite being given oxygen and steroids there was nothing more that could be done. Our hearts go out to them and we know that right now there are no words to comfort them but hope they will soon be able to remember the happy times and be proud of the loving home they gave her.

Sleep tight dear Holly xxx

Today started with a parcel arriving addressed to HRH Mac. Inside were some yummy treats from his lady friend Miss Flo O’Sausage complete with the following note.

Deer Mac

Ewe woz sooo brayv at Mr Vet’s – eye du hadmyr ewe. Eye hope ewe lyk little prezint…. Dey is eassee to eat even wiv missin teefs… luff FLO xxx

Thank you Shellie it made us smile and was good timing after the sad news from last night.

Mac is now back to his normal self thank goodness....

Well Dawn and I set off to the workshop this morning we took ages to find it; eventually the postman took us there. The house (I use that term loosely) had no name post and was up a very long drive. It was gorgeous!!! Anyway it turns out the lady runs these workshops and sells her wares for a company called Making Memories. It couldn’t be further away from the scrap booking we do. Everyone else was already there by the time we finally arrived and obviously all knew each other! Still we enjoyed ourselves doing our own thing and I confess to a certain satisfaction when I started hammering away setting eyelets (it was soo quiet). At the end the lady walked round looking at everyone's work and said to me "oh that's nice dear" I felt like I was in infant school LOL. One woman completed 10 pages in 3 hours using her power box... what the heck is a power box, just looked like she had prepped to me. It finished at 12.30pm and we quickly left stopping off for lunch at the pub on the way home. Thank you Dawn it was different but fun. AND we still have the crop on Saturday to look forward to.

I’ve almost finished the LO just needs some journaling which I shall try and do tomorrow.

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