Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lavish use of ....... Brads

This is a LO from the Design Collective week 6 Class 1 .. By Kirsty Wiseman to use brads and boy did I ... my fingers still hurt from opening all the split pins LOL... I have decided to link it to the challenge on "Collectively Yours" my first time LOL. Also the first time I've scanned and stitched a LO (because I'm rubbish at taking photo's) but have ended up with a nasty shadow on the LO which isn't there really. Oh well back to the drawing board.

It's been a frustrating day had so much to do and just seemed to flit from one thing to another without really knuckling done to anything, so have bits of paper scattered all over my desk with lists of half finished jobs. Added to spending nearly all day with a telephone attached to my ear trying to get tickets for the Blackpool playoffs at Wembley for son (no we don't live in Blackpool but he has supported them for years and regulars travels to watch them) who I might add is off enjoying himself at Alton Towers. The ticket line has been PET all day (permanently engaged tone) can you guess I was once a BT operator....and there not taking internet bookings.

Had a wonderful day at the crop Saturday where I did the Rocky LO and Sunday we finally got the pots and baskets done yay !!!

Mac had is follow up appt at the vets after his dental and got the all clear.

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Karen said...

Hiya Sue, thanks for joining in with the Dare this week. I don't think your scanning looks that bad - you should have seen my one and only attempt lol (one of the things I like about 8.5x11 is no stitching!)