Tuesday, 29 May 2007

They're off

Eric and his two friends, Simon and Chris have today set sail for the Isle of Mann to watch the TT racing. Last year was the 30th anniversary of their very first motorbike holiday together as teenagers. They had hoped to go away last year but men being men didn’t get organised in time and then when they realised this year was the centenary year of the TT they decided that this would be their big holiday. Chris up until last February had spent the previous 20 years living in Australia with his family and unknown to any of us had decided it was time to return to England to live, which seemed to be the signal they needed to make the much talked about anniversary holiday a reality. So since the autumn they have been planning their big adventure. Ferry places and campsite were booked well in advance and there followed lots of meetings to plan their adventure. All three ride how shall I say it, I know “Classic bikes” … LOL. Yesterday morning saw them all ready with tents and sleeping bags etc, the poor bikes were weighed down, obviously with creeping years they don’t travel as light as the original holiday. Apparently 30 years ago they had one tent between them and no real destination in mind but with the optimism of youth off they set. Bit different this time round I can tell you. The weather yesterday morning was horrendous heavy rain and very windy. I was really quite anxious for them travelling in such abysmal conditions with the heavily laden bikes (I was a tad naughty after they had layered up with thermals, leathers and waterproofs I tongue in cheek enquired if they needed the loo – lets just they they all screamed at me hehehehe). They had decided to take a scenic route and stay in Liverpool last night ready to board the ferry this morning. The journey with pit stops took about 7 hours !!!!!!

Eric was/ is very worried about leaving me on my own. , And apart from numerous stays in hospital and a short weekend away last year with Dawn we haven’t spent anytime apart. I’ve had to promise everyone I’ll wear my mobile at all times in case I fall or get sick (Mum has made me a super little pouch for the mobile), which I can wear comfortably. I think in true Suzy ostrich style I was the only one not concerned. We had lots of offers for dog walking but in the end decided, people whilst generous in their offers don’t really understand how different it is to walk greyhounds, so the dogs are grounded for 10 days eek !!!! Mind you they do have nearly ½ acre of garden to roar around it. Well I have to admit yesterday was just awful, Mac from 5pm spent the entire evening AND night looking for Eric, Lucky was bouncing off the walls because she hadn’t been exercised, Jim was very sad and confused, Sandy “miss I’m not bothered” demanded lots of bones and attention whilst Rulu just shadowed me so much she nearly had me over. I’d likes to say our first night went smoothly BUT it didn’t. Mac got me up at 12.30am, thinking he needed to go out, I let him into the garden, but oh no he was looking for Eric, so there I am in my coat and boots in the pouring rain frog marching him indoors and then drying us both off. Rulu needed to go out at 1am, 2am and 3.30am (well us older ladies to have a few problems in that department) and then Sandy as usual sounded the early morning roll call at 5.50 am … Jeez I’ve spent the day absolutely shattered.

Eric sent me a text last night asking if he could come home yet…so I replied no you can’t you’re on holiday and it’s supposed to be FUN. Honestly he’d only been gone 10 hours. I know he’s going to miss us all and be worried silly about me, as he said seemed like a good idea 10 months ago LOL.. Anyway after all the kit he’s bought, tent, panniers, tank bank, cooking stove etc etc etc he’d better enjoy himself.

So far from thinking I would have all this time to scrapbook, all I’ve done is walk round like a zombie wondering how early I can go to bed LOL….

Here’s hoping the boys have pitched their (separate tents) and watched some practise racing and I have a quieter night.


Karen said...

Oh no, sorry your 'me' time isn't turning out as expected. Max (our border terrier) paces the room if I go out on my own and it drives John mad lol.

Eleni said...

Well Sue, hope you have a 'quieter' evening tonight and that you finally do find some energy to do more scrapping! :D

Sharon said...

oh you poor soul I hope you get a better rest this week - and I thought I had it bad with my youngest son's 5.30am wake up calls!
BTW At least you have an excuse for not scrapping! Mine is that I'm never off the PC - think I should've called myself PC pants!!!