Monday, 13 October 2008

Alfie Bear gets a bath!

Well with the glorious weather we've been having we decided to make the most of it and clean Alfie up. We always wash the dogs outside as a) we don't have a bath and trust me they wouldn't fit into the shower and b) they have a better footing on the grass. So we use watering cans with warm water. Alfie wasn't to sure about it all but Ben thought it was good fun!

Apart from cleaning Alfie Bear up I finally went to Stowwmarket town with Vikki and Ben. Ben held my hand all the way round and even helped me up the steps, very sweet but made me feel about 100 years old LOL and of course we then came home and had our now tradditional weekend picnic in the garden. I'm hoping Ben will go off this when it turns wet and cold!

Sunday Dawn and I set off to Hintlesham to the scrapbooking fair. I had made a list and pretty much stuck to it buying supplies for Christmas cards, some bazzil stitchz templates and card stock. Did bag a bargain with the Bazzill stitchzin book!

And today I have finally taken the photo's of my DC CJ and will get them sorted and post this week. Didn't take long hey !!!

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